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Better than Spunta

Cross: Mondial x Felsina

Fresh market
Maturity: medium early - medium late
Very high yield
Big, longoval tubers
Colour of skin: yellow, colour of flesh: light yellow
Dry matter content: 19.9%
Cooking type B
Resistant to potato cyst nematodes Ro1 and Ro4
Growing instructions (table potatoes)

General remarks
The Kastelli is a variety suitable for the very traditional (Spunta) markets as table potato. The best results from trial fields have been received from Egypt, Greece, Italy and Morrocco.
The results of the semi-commercial fields from Cyprus are promising. The very high yield of this seedling is remarkable. The tubers of Kastelli are big, long oval shaped. The colour of skin is yellow, the colour of flesh is light yellow. The cooking type is B, hardly no discoloration after cooking. The dry matter content is 19.9%.

Medium early to medium late

Seed treatment
This variety has got a relatively short dormancy period. It is therefore advisable to keep the seed potatoes in the cold store upto a couple of days before planting.

Kastelli is moderately susceptible to common scab. Keep this in mind while choosing the type of soil. This seedling is not sensitive to the herbicide Sencor, however caution in dosage and application is always important.

This seedling does not require a lot of N-fertiliser. This to enable the tuberization to be optimal and to prevent overdevelopment of foliage, causing a delay in ripening.

The foliage should be sufficiently ripened at the time of haulm killing. It takes quite a long time before Kastelli has a firm skin, therefore the time between haulm killing and harvesting is considerably longer than average. This seedling is somewhat sensitive to internal bruising. Caution on harvesting is very important.

Because of its relatively short dormancy period, it is advisable not to store this variety at high temperatures. This will cause early germination of the potatoes.

Resistance to diseases
Resistant to Potato Cyst Nematode Ro1 and Ro4 and immune to wart disease. Averagely sensitive to common scab. Quite susceptible to PVY, however not sensitive to PVYntn in the tuber. Moderately susceptible to foliage blight and little susceptible to tuber blight.





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