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Trade name: Arzdazim

Active ingredient: Carbendazim 50 % WP

Mode of Action :-

Systemic fungicide with protective and curatve action , Carbendazim active ingredient is absorbed through
the green tissues and roots of the plants then translocated within the plant .

Advantage and properties:

Arzdazim systemic Fungicide with protective and curative action .

Arzdazim Is highly effective when used at low rates and has a high crop safety .

Arzdazim Is not harmful to bees and other beneficial insects, if applied as directed .

Arzdazim Does not negatively affect micro- oraganisms in soil .

Arzdazim Used on Vegetables, Fruits, Cereals, Fruit trees, Grapes, strawberries,field crops and ornamentals .

Arzdazim Highly effective due to its systemic action and persistence. Penetrating into the plant tissue,the active ingredient kills the fungus during incubation , thus inhibiting further growth, The persistence provides arelatively long preventative action and protection of the crop. 


Crops Fungal Disease Application Rate Preharvest Period
Pome Fruits

Powdery mildew

6-10 gm/20 Lit. water 14 Days
Stone fruits Flowers blight , cherry leaf curl, spotting , powdery mildew, fruit rot 6-10 gm/20 Lit. water water 21 Days
Cereals Rice blight , septoria disease , powdery mildew , stem rot 50 gm/20 Lit. water 28Days
Citurs Green rots,storage rot,sorcospora 10-20 gm/20 Lit. water 14 Days
Squash,okra,lettuce, eggplant,onion Powdery mildew,fungal rot,spotting &wilt diseas 12-18 gm/20 Lit. water 14 Days
Ornamentals Flower rots , gray rots 20-40 gm/20 Lit. water  
Cucumber & tomato in green houses Sclerotinea,rots,leafspots,leaf rots,gray mold 12-18 gm/20 Lit. water 3 Days
Potato Rhizoctonia (dipped for 3 minutes) 70 gm/20 Lit. water  -------





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