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Trade name: Tegata

Active ingredient: Lambda cyhalothrin 9.5% + Thiamethoxam 12.6%

Mode of Action :

Thiamathoxam: insecticide with contact, stomach and systemic activity. Rapidly taken up into the plant and transported acropetally in the xylem.

Lampda cyhalothrin: non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action, and repellent properites. Give rapid knockdown and long residual activity .


Safety period

Doses (ml/20L)



5 days

6-7 ml

White fly, aphid, leafhopper, leafminer, mites, meally bug, semilooper

Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant

14 days

7-9 ml

Fruit fly, aphid, meally bug, Thrips, beetles, scale insects
,  leafhopper

Peach, Apricot

14 days

6 ml

White fly, aphid, potato psylla


3 days

6-7 ml

Whte fly, aphid, beetles, thrips, meally bug, leafhopper, semilooper, spiders, leafminer

Watermelon, Melon, Pumpkin, Cucumber, Squash

7 days

4-5 ml

White fly, aphid, beetles, meally bug, leafhopper, mites, semilooper


3 days

6-7 ml

White fly, aphid, beetles, thrips, leafhopper, semilooper, meally bug

Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli

pH degrees


5 pH

30 Days

7 pH

11 Days

9 pH

1 Day

  • Store in a original packaging in special places to store pesticides out  of direct sunlight, and in cool and dry place.
  • Keep in a remote location for food and out of reach of children and pets.

·          Read the label carefully before use and follow the instructions thoroughly recommended.

·          Before use must wear clothes, shoes, gloves, masks and protective eyewear.

·          Not eating, drinking or smoking during use.

·          You should not contaminate ponds, channels and sources of water.

·          You should not use empty containers for other purposes and destroyed in a safe manner and disposed of according to the methods used.

·          Avoid spraying during the wind direction and unlike.

·          After the completion of use must wash hands and exposed areas of the body of the pesticide with soap and water well, before you eat or drink or smoke.

There is no counter dose, are treated as virtual symptoms.

Advised not to enter the field before splashing 24 hours after the date of spraying.

Toxic to bees and fish.


Contact Info

Amman, Al-Qweismeh, North Jawa,

Madaba Highway, 11019

(06) 412 8984

(079) 554 1238


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